Borderline Personality disorder and Bipolar!

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An Introduction

 I suppose here i should tell you an overview of who i am, how i look and what my personality is. These are things however that i never really know, things i have thought over again and again over these last few years. I am not a typical 24 year old but nor am i completally abnormal, as i often feel. I have an extreme passion for animals and have always since a little girl wished to be a vet. However things did not go so well for me and during my time in secondary school i gradually became a different person, one i am not proud of, but look down on with pity. I became absorbed in the world of depression and a gripping eating disorder which sent my life out of control. Now looking back as i try and move on with my life i wish to help others, be there for those that need it and as i try to fully convince myself, convince others that there is a way out of this dark bleak world.


I'm opening this site in the hope that what i've been through can help others, those experiencing similar issues or those carers who deal with people with such difficulties. I came across alot of carers and doctors in my time which struck me as uncaring and unmotivated towards helping me. Alot of these had clearly learnt from textbooks but when faced with a patient that didnt quite match their criteria they'd panic and just pass you on as quickly as possible. I want to provide places for these people who find they are not been listened to or understood and provide them with a hope for the future.


I will be adding a number of sections to my website over a period of time including a more detailed account of my story, advice and distraction techniques i use, poetry (wrote from the time of the onset of my illness right through to recovery, artwork, helpline numbers, animal information (i did say i have a passion,) and lots of other hopefully useful advice.


All of this information is to provide the basics for you to help at least some of the pain blunted. None of this will heal you, none of it is in great deal but i'm hoping regardless that it will help in some way!

Hoping you find something useful!! 


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Hello from Me!!

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